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Stop your string slot file before it cuts too deep and the nut is ruined! StewMac's Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie, the inventor of the tool, show how it works.How to file nut slots! This Martin has terrible buzzing of the 6th string on the first fret, the rest of the nut is perfect so here I fill the slot with... Nut Slotting File Set :: Files :: Tools... :: Banzai Music… Nut slotting file set with tapered ends.Nut slotting file set with tapered ends. Set contains three files. Length: 19cm. Width: 14mm. Filing Nut Slots Guitar

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Item: Guitar Nut File. 3 Guitar Nut File. Long filing surface and rubber handle provide you comfortable use. Colour: Yellow, Blue, Orange. If you do not receive our reply within 48 hours, pls. If you are satisfied with our service, pls. Nut Files: Guitar Builder/ Luthier Supply | eBay

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So once you feel the slot is deep enough, I lay the nut file in the string slot with the rest of the file resting on the frets, then slide it out of the slot, if it's not the correct depth you will hear a click when the nut file drops on the first fret, when you hear no click or a faint click it is right. Cheap Nut Files | I have been buying nut blanks with the vintage Fender fretboard curvature. File the nut slot depth slowly, using automotive feeler gauges to make sure the string clearance at the first fret equals the clearance at the second when you fret at the first, like a zeroth fret would do. 19CM GUITAR BASS Nut Slotting File Nut Slot Filing Saw ... 19CM GUITAR BASS Nut Slotting File Nut Slot Filing Saw Luthier Filing Tool AU - $8.65. 173901713224

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technique for filing nut slots - The Unofficial Martin ...

Uo-Chikyu Standard Series nut files are available in the thirty-four (34) gauges, from 0.009" to 0.135". If our pre-assembled sets aren't what you're lookingIt is rare that I have bought an instrument without having to tweak the nut. Many manufacturers (Fender being notorious for this) cut the slots so the...